Ambassador programme

The recruitment process for season 2018/2019 is currently closed. Thank you for your applications.

For students who wish to gain unique experience during their academic studies we offer the Ambassador Programme. Participants in the Programme will support the activities of the company, act as liaisons between the company and the university, and take part in the organization of events related to our company at the university. In addition, they will take part in two general meetings during which they will be able meet other Ambassadors from around the country, and be able to participate in useful training sessions and development programmes.

  • Students who represent the company on your campus
  • Support promotional activities organized by Citi
  • Responsible for organization of events on the campus
  • Cooperate closely with the Human Resources Division
An ideal candidate should
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Have an innovative approach
  • Be proactive
  • Be willing to test himself/herself in areas such as Marketing, Project Management, PR and HR

From May to July we are running the selection of applications and after phone interview with HR representatives, we invite selected candidates for the role of Citi Ambassadors. During the interview the candidates are asked about the educational background and proffesional experience. Additionaly we verify their plans and ideas concerning Citi brand promotion on the universities they are currently studiying at.

Recruitment process for 2018/2019 season is currently closed, thank you for all your applications.

The Duties of the Ambassadors

The main task of the Ambassador is to represent the company on the campus. First and foremost, this entails generating "buzz" among colleagues on the campus. Additionally, the Ambassadors are responsible for liaising with university authorities and professors, and facilitating the organization of events. Participants of this programme may also take the initiative, and develop their own projects, for which the company will allocate appropriate funds.

The Programme's participants are in constant contact with bank employees, which allows us to get to know each other.

Why become an Ambassador?

You should become a Citi Ambassador for many reasons.

First of all, you will gain experience in a job that does not interfere with the course of your studies. The Ambassador Program also provides its participants with an opportunity to take the initiative to adapt the Programme to their individual needs.

The Ambassadors can take part in numerous courses. Participating in the Program isn’t limited to work; it is focused on developing and achieving your goals - both professional and personal!

Taking part in the Ambassador Program increases your chances of enrolling in our other Programmes, such as the Summer Internship Programme, the Analyst Programme, or the Regional Analysts Programme.

Additionally, all participants receive a gift and are eligible to win a special prize!

We are looking for candidates from the following Universities:
  • Warsaw: University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University of Technology, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Koźminski University, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Vistula University, Lazarski University;
  • Olsztyn: University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn;
  • Łódź: University of Łódź, Łódź University of Technology;
  • Bydgoszcz: Kazimierz Wielki University;
  • Toruń: ]Nicolaus Copernicus University;
  • Białystok: University of Bialystok.
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