Analyst Programme

The recruitment process for the Analyst Programme in Corporate Banking is now open. Link for the role is available under the "Recruitment" section.

Taking part in the programme provides a unique opportunity to learn about everyday operations at the bank. There is no other program that allows its participants to prove themselves in many, often very different fields, such as risk analysis and marketing. This is an opportunity for young people to test themselves on the labour market, which will help them make decisions regarding their future career.The programmeis also an opportunity to gain international experience and meet many interesting people.

The Analyst Programme (Rozwój na Bank) in a nutshell
  • a perfect way to start your career in banking
  • an opportunity for rotation within four different Bank departments during placement at either Operations & Technology or Corporate Banking
  • participation in ambitious projects
  • access to global training courses
  • working with experienced managers and Mentors
  • possibility to continue professional growth after the programme on a managerial or an expert path
An ideal candidate should
  • be a last year Master's student or a graduate (up to a year after graduation), and be ready to work full time – economic profile well seen
  • be fluent in English, other languages are most welcome (e.g. German or Chinese)
  • be interested in corporate banking or operations & technology
  • have experience in international projects or student organizations
  • have good teamwork skills, be committed and self-motivated, display initiative and innovativeness
  • have experience in preparing presentations
  • have interpersonal skills and be customer-oriented

The recruitment process for 2019 is now open! APPLY HERE

Starting middle of February we are running the selection of applications and after initial phone interview verifing e.g. motivation, English fluency, availabilty and financial expectations, we are iniviting chosen candidates for ability tests. Dependently of the programme, we are verifing candidates' analytical and/or logical reasoning skills. Next the candidates who passed the tests, are invited for the Assessment Centre session. During the meeting candidates participate in group exercise, case study and meet with managers and HR representatives. Within 2 weeks from the Assessment Center session, we are coming back to candidates with the final decision about the recruitment process.

Business Areas

Corporate Banking

The Programme is rotational (four 6-moths rotations is different areas of Corporate Banking, for example: Strategic Clients Department, Global Clients Department, Enterprise Banking, Department of Development and Strategy, Treasury, Risk Management).

Each rotation involves specific objectives and tasks, such as: corporate financial analysis, risk assessment, presentations for customers, market and sector analysis.

We offer challenging projects, access to global range of trainings, supervision by experienced managers and working with a mentor who will help you manage your career. During the Programme, we offer full-time employment.

Operations & Technology

During the Programme, you will go through four six-month rotations through different areas of Operations and Technology, e.g. CitiPhone, Treasury, Operations Support, Cash Management, Debt Recovery or IT. You will gain experience and skills related to project management, process improvement, and modern information systems.

We offer challenging projects, access to global range of trainings, supervision by experienced managers and working with a mentor who will help you manage your career. During the Program, we offer full-time employment.

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