Citi Values

Citi had modest beginnings – we started out with one city and a small number of employees. However, from the very beginning we had great ambitions. After 200 years of development we are an innovative company with a global reach. We operate in more than 160 countries. Only in Poland we employ more than 7000 people, a number that is still growing.

For companies as complex as Citi it is easy to lose sight of their goal. That’s why our values are so important to us. Our values let us create a cohesive Citi community. They let us stay on course set for us by our founders.

Build connectivity

We are a dynamic team operating globally. As Citi, we have a common goal — to provide the best quality services to Clients and stakeholders. Diversity is an important part of our organisational culture. It does not matter what colour your skin is, what are your religious beliefs, where are you from or what your views are. We do not discriminate—only your competence matters to us. Such a model of work presents an extraordinary opportunity to acquire experience and to develop yourself.

Unlock your potential

We recognise and develop talents. Our staff comprises highly qualified professionals offering excellent services to Clients. We invest in talented people who are ready for challenges. Our primary objective is innovation. We are following trends and combining development opportunities for our employees with the use of new technologies, for instance the mobile access to knowledge portals and other online resources (e.g. from MIT or Harvard).

Achieve impact

Responsible business is important for us—we work conscientiously and transparently. Also, we are a financial institution with a strong sense of social responsibility. We pursue our mission of modern philanthropy trough the Kronenberg Foundation which supports activities aimed at the public good in the scope of financial education, entrepreneurship promotion, protection of cultural heritage and local development. Use your creativity and determination, take action!

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