Regional Analyst Programmes

The recruitment process for The Regional Analyst Programmes is now open! Please find the links in the "Recruitment" section.

Taking part in the programme provides an unique opportunity to learn about everyday work in the international bank. Regional Analyst Programme will give you a chance to prove yourself in many, often very different fields, such as risk analysis or marketing, cooperating closely with other Analysts from EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). Being a part of the Regional Analyst Programme will give you an extraordinary chance to get specific knowledge from one of the following area: Risk, Consumer Banking or Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS).

Regional Analyst Programmes in a nutshell
  • a perfect way to start your career in the following fields:
    • transaction banking
    • risk managment
    • consumer banking
  • ambitious projects
  • access to global training courses
  • working with experienced managers and Mentor
  • possibility to continue professional growth after the programme on a managerial or an expert path
The ideal candidate should
  • be a student or graduate in Finance, Economics, Banking, or a related field (up to a year after graduation), available full time
  • be fluent in English
  • be interested in transaction banking, risk management or consumer banking
  • have experience in international projects, student organizations, academic clubs, etc.
  • have great interpersonal skills andbe client-oriented
  • have good teamwork skills, be ambitious and goal-oriented
  • display initiative and innovativeness

Links to applications are available here:

Starting middle of February we are running the selection of applications and after initial phone interview verifing e.g. motivation, English fluency, availabilty and financial expectations, we are iniviting chosen candidates for ability tests. Dependently of the programme, we are verifing candidates' analytical and/or logical reasoning skills. Next the candidates who passed the tests, are invited for the Assessment Centre session. During the meeting candidates participate in group exercise, case study and meet with managers and HR representatives. Within 2 weeks from the Assessment Center session, we are coming back to candidates with the final decision about the recruitment process.

Business Areas

Transaction Banking

The 2-year-long Regional Analyst Programme (TTS Analyst Programme) is addressed to people who are interested in a career in the field of Transaction Banking (TTS - Treasury and Trade Solutions). The programme is rotational (3-4 rotations in different areas of Transaction Banking (such as the Department of Trade Financing, the Department for Implementation of Cash Management Products, the Department of Transaction Banking Products Sales, the Department of Liquidity Management Products and Business Analysis).

The programme begins with a several-week-long training course in London for all new participants from the EMEA region. The projects are implemented in Poland, but there is also opportunity to go on rotations abroad.

Work will be based on very specific goals and tasks.


Participation in the Regional Analyst Programme in the Risk area provides you with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience regarding a wide scope of risk-related issues, e.g. credit risk, operational risk, market rate, corporate and retail banking.

It is a 2-year-long rotational program dedicated to economics students and graduates. We are looking for people who are interested in working in the area of risk, with a highly developed analytical expertise and advanced math skills.

The program consists of four 6-month rotations in all of the areas of Risk Management in Poland and abroad. During the program you will be offered a full-time employment.

Work will be based on very specific goals and tasks.

Consumer Banking

During the 2 years of the program, you will experience 3-4 rotations through different areas of the Consumer Banking Sector, e.g. working with wealthy clients, creating and developing banking products, familiarizing yourself with risk management and information management. You will carry out challenging tasks and projects. One of the rotations may offer you an opportunity to be involved in the development of SMART Banking. Join the people who are changing the face of banking and get the opportunity to co-create some of the most modern concepts of Consumer Banking not only in Poland, but in all of Europe!

Your work will be based on very specific goals and tasks. In addition, we offer professional training under the supervision of experienced managers, and work with a mentor who will help you manage your career.

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