Why Citi

Citi is a place that has a lot to offer. As the globe becomes ever smaller, we are able to travel around it ever faster. If you want to understand, how business operates globally, you should choose Citi.

Citi is prestige

Citi is the most global bank which enables you to work in many different roles and in many different locations. We are at the forefront of how banking should looks like and we know exactly, what goals we want to achieve in the future. We have a strong strategy of strengthening our global presence and mastering the way we serve our clients. Nevertheless, our focus is not only on banking but also on technology and analysis.

Citi is development

We offer great number of possibilities and a diverse working environment. We put strong emphasis on developing talents and giving them opportunities to grow. As a Citi employee you can apply for positions worldwide – there are so many various roles to take on.

Citi is community/people

Citi believes it has a responsibility to make a difference in the neighbourhoods in which we work and live around the world. In Poland, Citi Handlowy pursues its community mission through the Kronenberg Foundation. The Foundation is well-known for its Employee Volunteering Program - the first and largest program of this type in Poland.

If you are able to work hard, you can be sure that at Citi you can learn a lot and have fun at the same time.

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