Cookies are files which store information or give access to information already stored on the telecom device of an end User during or after a visit on websites, including transaction services.

The cookies used by CitiDirect do not store any personal data and are used, among other things, to save the preferences of a User or to secure websites.

It is possible that some CitiDirect functionalities will not operate correctly if a User does not allow cookies.

Types of cookies used by CitiDirect®

Information for the Users:

  • Persistent cookies are files which are stored on the User's device even after they leave the browsed webpage. The Bank keeps and has access to such information in order to remember the preferences selected by the User during a visit on a given site, for example to remember the username used to log in to a transaction service. The purpose of this function is to enable the auto-filling of the username field on the User's device when the application is started again. By selecting the “Remember Me” option on the CitiDirect login screen the User actually agrees that such information may be stored on their device. In order to remove the username, choose the saved name and remove the selection of “Remember Me” option.
  • Session cookies are required by the Bank's website to maintain proper information transfer between the server and the browser, and thus, to ensure proper display of the contents of the visited webpage and to allow a fully-functional access to its features. The aim of storing and accessing such information by the Bank is to identify a given session (the dialogue between the browser and the server) and the Users communicating with the server at the same time.
  • The default settings of a web browser usually allow installing and using both persistent and session cookies.

Blocking cookies

Cookies can be blocked, but as a result the banking service may be unable to operate correctly, partially or as a whole. More information on cookies and their configuration can be found in "Help" in your browser.