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Important information about security!
Beware of fake e-mails impersonating the Ministry of Finance

Dear Customer,

We have observed another wave of phishing attempts aimed at electronic banking users.

Criminals impersonating the Ministry of Finance issue “a meeting invitation”, adding an attachment with an alleged proof of concealment of income. Opening documents from that attachment leads to infection of the user’s computer with malware and thus increases the risk of unauthorized access to the bank account.

On the official website of the Ministry of Finance we read as follows (translation from Polish):

Ministry of Finance warns about fake e-mails in which the author informs about “concealment of income” or “scheduled income control”. Please do not open the message or the attachment. The attachment contains malicious code. Please be warned and remain cautious!

The message can originate from addresses beginning with:

  • Ministerstwo-Finansow@
  • Administracja-Podatkowa@

If you receive such an e-mail, please:

  • do not click on any links or attachments,
  • remove the message and do not forward it to anyone,
  • inform the IT/Security Department in your firm.

Best regards,
CitiDirect Team
Citi Handlowy
Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.


Protect your computer against attacks of malicious software!

We would like to remind you about the importance of safe use of electronic banking. CitiDirect is a secure banking system, however there exists a risk of a security breach on the side of the User’s computer or network. With regard to the above, please remember about a few rules to keep your funds even better protected.

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